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edea is dedicated to advancing the financial well-being of individuals and communities, while also giving institutions the means to better serve them. Through the innovative use of technology, we define, visualize and quantify financial health to help people understand, achieve and maintain financial well-being across the world.



— Sarah Rotmann Parker, Director, Center for Financial Services Innovation

"The Stance product is a cutting edge way to get the financial sector and its customers focused on financial health. They have created a very sophisticated tool that takes into account a huge amount of data and diverse information to gauge where people are at in their financial health journey and how they can continue to move forward. Measuring financial health is the future of banking."

How much do you know about your financial health? Like actually.

Financial information can be overwhelming and it’s hard to answer basic questions about those things that matter to you. Presented the right way though, chaos can be transformed to confidence and results. Take a financial Stance for yourself.

financial health

Stance is a tool that depicts Financial Health clearly and simply. It enables you to Act in ways that will measurably improve your financial life.

financial clarity

We provide financial clarity by helping you:

Live within your means

Meet your financial obligations

Build for your future




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