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eDea LLC exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our services are designed to generate meaningful, tangible and sustainable value for your company. It manifests itself in strengthened service and operating performance and returns.

We work with you to strengthen your business fundamentals and give you the knowledge and tools you need to independently pursue continuous business improvement and growth.

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Business Meeting

Business Integration & Transformation

Maximizing the Value of Change

Organizations need to evolve, revisit how they do business to keep pace with evolving markets, achieve significant gains in performance, or achieve new objectives. 

eDea is highly experienced helping organizations achieve the potential of transformation and overcoming obstacles to it. 

We do so by working across the silos to strengthen fundamentals and capabilities to meet new demands and opportunities.


Operational Excellence through Cohesion

Streamlining for Growth & Performance

Operational cohesion can fail across product, technology,

process and organization with direct impacts to competitiveness, service levels, and profitability.

Lack of cohesion impedes a company's ability to grow, respond to its markets, and manage cost.


eDea is driven by the potential of cohesion and helping our clients realize the value it creates.


Our methodologies and tools have been developed through years of experience across industries and functions to improve
service levels, profitability, and management oversight: closing the gaps
between organizational silos, aligning activities with strategy, and streamlining operations.

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Employee Financial Wellness

Productivity through Prosperity

A financially healthy workforce is a more productive and stable workforce. 


Employee financial wellness is an increasingly popular benefit offered to employees. yet the results have often been mixed or unclear.  

We believe that these programs should measurably benefit employee and employer in the short and long-term  Our financial health platform and framework are designed to do exactly that.   


For the employer, we provide deep insight into the financial health of their workforce, while protecting individual privacy, and tools for the design and management of more effective compensation and benefit plans. 

For the employee, we establish a valuable benefit and provide tools to help them more effectively navigate through their financial lives and make better use of the compensation and benefits their employer provides.  

Both employer and employee are better served.

Social Impact through Financial Transformation

Advancing Communities & Business

Vast sums of money are spent by government, private and public organizations to advance individuals and communities.  The results are often disappointing or uncertain.   Which programs are yielding the greatest benefit is unclear.

We recognized the importance of this problem and developed a platform to address it: StanceSM. 

 StanceSM provides organizations with new tools, metrics, and capabilities to more effectively manage social investment portfolios and individual programs and more effectively identify and serve those communities and individuals they seek to advance.

Simply stated we're results-focused and have the robust, objective and novel metrics and analytical tools to measure and advance financial health and economic outcomes and strengthen advocacy.

Advancing Social ROI and improving outcomes is what we enable.

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Advancing Market-led,  Operationally and Financially Strong Enterprise

Our services are designed to strengthen your business, not build dependency on ours. 

We provide to you a simpler, more effective way of looking at  and managing your business: Clear in purpose.  Clear in results.  Built on solid fundamentals.

We bring advanced tools to not overwhelm you with data but to keep you focused on the right information to put you firmly in the driver's seat.



We've set out to be a different kind of consulting services firm.  We bring big six experience, without the big six price tag.   We bring the expertise and tools  but also the operating experience. 


Yes, we've been in your shoes, know what cash flow feels like in the gut, and the satisfaction of making a difference. 

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Introductory Consultation

Achieve Your Goals

Most organizations believe they can do substantially better. We agree.  It starts with a conversation.

We're interested in learning more about the vision you have for your organization and the factors that are stopping you from achieving it. We've worked with many to overcome obstacles to achieving their objectives and improving operating performance. 

Let's get the conversation started.

Strategic Planning Session

Expert Guidance: it starts with effective planning

We have the experience, methods and expertise to advance your organization. The strongest results come working closely with you. 


We combine our insights and skills with yours to transform your organization and advance its initiatives.   


We're results-focused and know that successful implementation begins with clear and measurable objectives and effective planning.   


We don't leave you with recommendations.  We work with you to achieve meaningful and sustainable results.

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