Industries & Sectors Served

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Large Enterprise

We've worked with organizations across industry sectors and globally to advance their objectives often by overcoming internal obstacles to change.  

Our specialties are transformation and operational excellence.  Simply put, we solve big business problems and help organizations evolve to meet their markets and more profitably serve them.


  • Advancing stalled strategic, product, operations and technology initiatives

  • Business process outsourcing strategy, turn-around, and management.

  • Product portfolio optimization

  • Operational streamlining/turn-around

  • Business performance management and analytics

  • Organizational design and performance

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Non-Profits & Philanthropies

We serve non-profits and philanthropies by providing them with advanced tools and capabilities to improve community engagement, program and portfolio performance and the data to strengthen advocacy.


Our StanceSM platform introduces powerful new capabilities to gather, analyze, baseline, track and proactively meet community needs.  


Our goal:  increase social return on investment and community impact.


Small & Mid-size Businesss

SMBs face big business challenges and opportunities at all stages of development across industries.  

We believe in the potential and value of SMBs and have the expertise and unique tools to help SMBs overcome challenges and reach their potential.

Our goal: increase SMB business performance through operational excellence, access to capital, and increased competitiveness.



We serve local, city, state and federal government by providing advanced tools to understand community economic makeup and needs and the effectiveness and impact of policies & regulations, and economic development programs.

The inability to holistically, rigorously and objectively measure community financial health, social return on investment and what is serving or undermining it, limits governments' ability to serve its communities.  

This is a problem we have addressed to enable government serving all its constituents and tax payers.

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Financial Services

We serve banks, credit unions and financial advisors by helping them better understand and serve their clients.   


Our unique platform, StanceSM, introduces strategic capabilities to identify underserved markets, optimize product and service portfolios, improving operating performance and compete more effectively.  

Our goal: provide ethical financial services providers with new means to better and profitability serve their clients and differentiate their services.

New Hires


We serve employers through employee financial wellness programs to improve employee financial health and the effectiveness of compensation and benefits .packages.  

Our goal: financially sound households | a more productive and engaged workforce | more effective

 compensation and benefits.