Finance Transformation

The finance department of a large, family-owned chemical manufacturer felt increasingly irrelevant and displaced because of dated processes, inefficiencies, slow response to the needs of the business and glaring errors (not billing for $100K of services).  


Working across organizations, we streamlined workflows through improved job design and technology integration to improve service levels, eliminate errors, improve productivity and organizational performance.

Stalled Strategy

An IT services provider worked unsuccessfully to implement its strategy for over two years ... fought at every turn by an organization resistant to much-needed change. 


We worked with leadership and staff to develop and implement an actionable strategy that people understood, valued and that demonstrated the ability of the organization to evolve and improve service capabilities and levels in an environment of increasing competitive pressure and declining budgets.

Growing Pains - Scalability

A legal services provider faced increasing costs and declining service levels that threatened their booming business. 


We worked closely with operations and IT staff to dramatically improve service levels, productivity and ability to meet growing demand.  Rethinking how people did their jobs, designing efficient processes and focusing on improving key performance indicators were essential to achieving economies of scale and higher profitability.

Enterprise Transformation

A foreign telecom faced increasing competitive pressure and sought a strategic partner to acquire and guide them.

We recognized that the company had to first strengthen its operations to attract and get greater value through any acquisition or partnership.   We developed the strategy and approach to do so focusing on improved organizational structure aligned with rapidly evolving and underserved market segments, leveraging the firm's sophisticated network and service delivery capabilities which were underexploited.