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Enterprise Integration & Transformation

Is your business or organization limited by its silos, having difficulty implementing important initiatives or facing increasing business pressure?   It may be time to revisit fundamentals and how you do business. 

An integration or transformation program is intended to address these problems and reinvigorate your business.   But transformation, poorly conceived and executed may lead to results you don't want.  The majority of transformation initiatives fail, we know why and how to avoid its dangers.

Done properly, it's a great opportunity to realize your business' or organizations' potential.  It is an evolution not a revolution leading to a more capable, competitive, and profitable enterprise. 

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Product & Service Rationalization

Product complexity and fragmentation is a sure sign of operational complexity, hidden costs, and lack of clarity about markets served and their needs.   

Product rationalization can yield significant gains in your business that improve service levels, profitability and scalability.

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Financial Education & Economic Development

Our unique capabilities and platform, StanceSM, provide the means to address long-standing problems in the measurement, analysis, effectiveness and outcomes of diverse financial education and economic development programs.  

We work directly with financial education providers, employers, social impact/economic development non-profits, philanthropies and government to improve impact, while improving their operating performance and social return on investment (SROI) and equally their ability to advocate and help more communities.


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Strategy Implementation

Strategies a great place to start. Many organizations struggle with its implementation.   We can help.

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Operational Excellence

Many businesses are operating with out-dated structures, systems and processes that limit their organization's performance and ability to grow and prosper.  

Telltale signs include service backlogs, high reliance on ad hoc spreadsheets and siloed systems, low levels of productivity,   high-levels of rework, unreliable product or service quality and poor workflow design.  We'd be remiss to not also call out complex and weak reporting and metrics.


We help you identify and eliminate them and the tools and knowledge to manage and maintain high-performing operations.

Your customers, employees and shareholders will thank you. 

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Project Portfolio Rationalization

Many organizations have dozens, even hundreds of projects, underway ranging from strategic, marketing, product and operational initiatives to pet projects.    Many are unsanctioned - operating under the radar - or simply underperforming.


They consume enormous resources and often don't yield the results originally intended.  Often times they don't align with strategy and priorities.  Bottom-line, they limit your businesses ability to grow and undercut profitability.

This presents a significant business opportunity that we can help you realize.  

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